Web and Intranet Board

The Web and Intranet Board minutes set out the considerable programme of ongoing work to Parliament's website and intranet. It sets out the progress that has been made and an overview of the major developments that are taking place.

Current minutes

Web & Intranet Programme Board

Wednesday 7th January 2010 (14.00 - 15.00) Location: Room N, PCH

Liz Hallam-Smith (Chair)
John Pullinger
Joan Miller
David Natzler
Mary Ollard
Tracy Green
Caroline Shenton
Jill Pay
Catherine Fogarty
Simon Patrick
Simon Burton
Tim Youngs
Chris Harper
Jackie Ahrens
Robert Brooke
Rob Clements
Sharon O'Dea (Intranet Manager)
Catriona Marchant

Steve Wise
Tim Jeffes
Tom O'Leary
Ed Ollard


Introductions and welcome

LHS opened the meeting with apologies from SW, TJ & T'OL. She welcomed Sharon O'Dea and Catriona Marchant.

1. Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Actions / matter arising

Development prioritisation - RC outlined current concerns relating to Topical Issues development progress. TY emphasised that progress was being made and resource identified so work would soon be underway.

Action: TG and TY to confirm progress and status at the next meeting.

TG advised that PICT were recruiting more developers to deliver the rebuild of Topical issues.

CS advised that further design work was required on Living Heritage. TG indicated that this would now be sourced from LBi more cost effectively and that a package of work could be put together.

Action: CH to ask Gareth Sully to scope requirements and pass to LBi

Stats Update - CH provided an update in relation to high hit rate for 3rd Dec 98. A number of possibilities were outlined but it was concluded that this would have been the change of the then Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords.TG also clarified the definition of a visit as compared to other metrics.

2. Progress Update - Programme Dashboard

  • Works of Art went live 14/01/10 The Board congratulated all who have been involved as this was a major and challenging work stream

  • Both advanced search on the website and intranet search are scheduled to be live by the end of February 2010.
    Work continues to progress well on CMS Migration

  • Training timetable has been drafted but some negotiation with individual staff will be required

  • Committees templates are 99% agreed Education team has successfully launched MP for Week which has been well received. Thanks to all involved from the Board.

  • PICT (Tech Services) resources are still not in place though recruitment is underway.

  • Web Architect has resigned and a replacement is required. TG thanked Luke Ballard for his effort and contribution.

  • Three out of the four Web Centre posts (B1) have been filled and now recruiting for five B2 posts.

  • Budget is on target.

RC highlighted that the work on the CMS will be impacted by the election and this has been recognised at the CMS Project Board.

CMS Roadmap migration
Intranet work has now started and will run in parallel with the work on the website.

CMS Project is also working with PICT on the delivery of content to mobile devices. TG outlined some applications (Calendar, Maps & Annunciator) that are being progressed. JPay & JPullinger requested the project talk to Official Report & Robert Rogers (Order of business) to take forward in the future

RACI has been re -issued; however a couple of amendments are required for Living Heritage and Intranet

Action: TG to discuss mobile applications with Robert Rogers

3. Content Guidelines

CM provided an overview of the Content Guidelines and style guide.

Action: Board members to provide feedback to Catriona Marchant

The Web Centre (& Editorial Group) is looking for feedback and endorsement of the guidelines.

Action: CM to engage the Comms Offices and Lords Hansard

JPullinger requested that the Internal Communications Offices of both houses were engaged with the aim to develop a single and common approach to style and writing guidelines.

Agreement / Endorsement: The Board endorsed the Content & Style Guidelines. They also endorsed the principle of seeking to move incrementally towards a single style guide.

JPullinger added that he would support the progression of single parliamentary style guide.

It was recognised that the move towards a single style guide would be incremental but MO stated this is s a good starting point.

4. Bills Online

Jackie Ahrens and Robert Brook provided an overview and demo of the Bills Online prototype and sought approval from the Board to make it publicly available so that feedback can be used to make improvements.

The prototype would be linked to from Parliament http://parliamentlabs.wordpress.com/ rather than the Parliament website.

LHS thanked RB for the work so far and the interesting possibilities this raises. On publication we should make it clear that this is a test site, and explain how it fits with our broader content development strategy. The Board agreed on this basis. In addition to this activity, it is important to advise other organisations that receive Hansard and Bills information (DoDs, They work for you) that this is available.

Action: JA to speak to Susan Murphy

Action: JA & RB to ensure David Natzler see the prototype.

4. Readiness for the election

LHS asked whether there are sufficient resources available to the programmes to meet our collective priorities? Are there any gaps or conflicting priorities? Do we need to re-prioritise?

The potential pinch points were identified as developer time and web centre design resources though these are being effectively managed at present

JPullinger identified that the website and intranet are far more important as communications tools than at the time of the last election. They host much more content and we expect them to perform many new and different functions. We need to ensure that they meet the needs and expectations of colleagues and new Members.

CM stated that the Web Centre is quite well placed in this area as they have been working closely with the HCIO and Commons Library on Election activity.

6. AOB

Meeting time elapsed and no time to cover AOB

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