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Maintenance work on Big Ben

Engineers from the Houses of Parliament carry out a planned inspection. This film shows amongst other things the pendulum being stopped, the hands being wound forward to midday, and the lowering of th...

31/10/2008 15:31

The Clock Tower (Big Ben) tour - enhanced podcast

An enhanced podcast tour of the famous Clock Tower - more popularly known as Big Ben - with John Steel, Clock Tower guide. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/podcasts/clocktower_t...

21/10/2008 15:32

Lord Chancellor's breakfast - judges' arrival

(There is no dialogue in this video) The start of the legal year is marked with a religious service in Westminster Abbey - in which judges arrive from the Royal Courts of Justice - followed by a recep...

02/10/2008 09:27

Big Ben: Fly fans

(There is no dialogue in this video) These fly fans are used within Parliament's Clock Tower (Big Ben) The fly fans are air brakes used to regulate the descent of the weights which powers the bells. ...

16/07/2008 09:41

The Great Clock's pendulum bob (Big Ben)

(There is no dialogue in this video) This is the pendulum bob for the Great Clock within Big Ben. The pendulum bob weighs 203 kg. The bob is made from concentric tubes of steel and zinc. Each period o...

16/07/2008 09:29

House of Lords: UK Youth Parliament event

View the highlights of the UK Youth Parliament debates which took place in the Lords Chamber on 2 May 2008.

11/06/2008 08:32

House of Lords: Fifty years of change - Life Peerages Act

Find out how the Life Peerages Act transformed the House of Lords. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/lordslifepeeragesact.cfm

08/05/2008 13:41

House of Lords: What's it all about?

Watch Peers explain the work, role and relevance of the House of Lords. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/lordswhatsitallabout.cfm

08/05/2008 13:31

House of Lords: Why get into politics?

See how politics affects us all and why you should get involved. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/lordswhygetintopolitics.cfm http://www.parliament.uk/

08/05/2008 13:28

Parliament: Westminster Hall in 1400

Watch a fly-through taken from Parliament's 3D tour of Westminster Hall in 1400. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/westminsterhall1400.cfm Virtual tours on the Parliament ...

26/02/2008 11:42

Parliament: Westminster Hall in 1099

Watch a fly-through from Parliament's 3D tour of Westminster Hall in 1099. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/westminsterhall1099.cfm Take the Westminster Hall virtual tour...

26/02/2008 11:32

Parliament: Development of Westminster Hall's roof

Video explaining theories of how the roof of Westminster Hall was built and developed over time. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/westminsterhallroof.cfm Virtual tours on...

26/02/2008 11:18

Parliament: King's High Table in Westminster Hall

Video explaining the functions and importance of the King's High Table in Westminster Hall. Video transcript: http://www.parliament.uk/transcripts/video/westminsterhalltable.cfm Virtual tours on the...

26/02/2008 11:17

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