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UK Parliament Open Lecture - An insider's guide to the House of Commons

Robert Rogers, Clerk of the House of Commons and Chief Executive, gave an insight into the workings of the Commons at an Open Lecture on 19 October 2012. Robert, who has worked in the House for more ...

12/11/2012 16:24

Shedding Light on Trafalgar and Waterloo

The House of Lords Works of Art Committee hosted a talk on the conservation research carried out on Daniel Maclise's mural paintings in the Royal Gallery, House of Lords. Professor Adrian Heritage, S...

12/11/2012 16:01

US Elections - How do they work?

A guide to the US political system aimed at A Level students, explaining how elections work in the USA. For more educational teaching resources visit UK Parliament's education website http://www.par...

24/10/2012 08:59

Working for You

Find out more about how you can contact your MP, visit Parliament while it is in session or watch it online in this short chapter Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/...

21/09/2012 10:59

Westminster Hall and Committees

Westminster Hall is the second Chamber of the House of Commons which holds debates on national and local issues Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-commons-ch...

21/09/2012 10:58

Scrutinising Government

One of the important roles for MPs is to question and check the Government, its policies and work Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-commons-chamber-film/ ht...

21/09/2012 10:57

Making Laws

This chapter looks at the important role of the House of Commons in agreeing the laws that affect everyone in the UK Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-commo...

21/09/2012 10:56

How the Chamber Works

In this chapter we look at some of the conventions and practices that remain an important part of the House of Commons and its work Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament...

21/09/2012 10:55

A Day in the Chamber

The second chapter of our film looks at what happens in the House of Commons Chamber from those who work there every day Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-c...

21/09/2012 10:53

Guide to the Chamber

In this chapter of our new film the Serjeant at Arms guides you through the Chamber of the House of Commons Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-commons-chamb...

21/09/2012 10:53

The House of Commons Chamber

Watch our film about the House of Commons Chamber, what it does and how it works for people across the UK Links: http://www.parliament.uk/about/podcasts/theworkofparliament/house-of-commons-chamber-...

21/09/2012 10:51

House of Commons Justice Committee: The role of the Committee

For more information visit: http://www.parliament.uk/justicecttee

14/09/2012 09:16

What do people think happens in the House of Lords?

The general public discuss common questions about the House of Lords, including: how does the House of Lords work? And what are the roles and responsibilities of members of the House of Lords? This s...

12/09/2012 10:35

What do people know about members of the House of Lords?

The general public share their perceptions of who is in the House of Lords. This short film shows a range of opinions to help spark discussion and debate on the topic with your students. You can als...

12/09/2012 10:28

What do people know about the House of Lords?

The UK public give their opinions on what the House of Lords is and what Lords do. This teaching resource aims to help students understand what the House of Lords is today and how its role has chang...

12/09/2012 10:28

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