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'The Lives of Lady Rhondda; Champion of Equal Rights' A talk by Professor Angela V. John

Margaret Haig Thomas, Viscountess Rhondda (1883-1958) led an extraordinary life for a woman in 20th century Britain from suffragette to successful business woman she championed equal rights for women....

23/01/2014 15:29

#AskGove 18 Dec 2013 | House of Commons Education Committee

On 18 December 2013 the Education Committee held an oral evidence session with the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove MP. Following the success of #AskGove in January 2012 the Committee d...

20/12/2013 14:40

UK Parliament Open Lecture -- The history, workings and future challenges of Hansard

On Wednesday 11 December 2013, Lorraine Sutherland and Stephen Farrell delivered an open lecture on the history, workings and future challenges of Hansard. Lorraine Sutherland is the Editor of the Off...

16/12/2013 16:46

Fiscal devolution to cities and city regions | Commons Communities and Local Government Committee

England's largest cities say if they had greater control over the money they can raise and keep to spend locally, it would mean more jobs, improved transport and better housing. Are they right? The C...

09/12/2013 13:43

Autumn Statement 2013: 5 December

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered the 2013 Autumn Statement to the House of Commons on Thursday 5 December 2013. To find out more about the 2013 Autumn Statement, including l...

05/12/2013 16:13

UK Parliament Open Lecture - Towards political engagement for women

On Wednesday 20 November 2013, the Lord Speaker, the Rt Hon the Baroness D'Souza, delivered an Open Lecture that discussed why women's political engagement is important. She covered how women's educat...

26/11/2013 14:51

UK Parliament Open Lecture -- What does modern democracy require of Parliaments?

On Thursday 31 October 2013, the University of Edinburgh hosted an Open Lecture by the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons. The Speaker discussed the role of Parliaments in a modern...

13/11/2013 14:36

Defence Committee question the Defence Secretary and CGS on Army 2020

On 5 November the Defence Committee questioned the Secretary of State for Defence and the Chief of the General Staff on the rationale, robustness and deliverability of the Ministry of Defence's plans ...

12/11/2013 09:43

Palace of Westminster - Preserving the historic windows

The Palace's bronze windows contain some of the most impressive and intricate hand painted and stained glass work of its time. But now, all 3000 are in need of repair For further information about th...

07/11/2013 14:01

Palace of Westminster - Saving the stonework and medieval carvings from irreversible decay

How the effects of pollution and lack of maintenance are damaging some of the Palace's centuries-old stonework and carvings For further information about the Restoration and Renewal Programme visit w...

07/11/2013 14:01

Palace of Westminster - Making the building watertight

Repairing and replacing the 160-year-old cast iron roof and drainage systems For further information about the Restoration and Renewal Programme visit www.restorationandrenewal.parliament.uk

07/11/2013 14:00

Palace of Westminster - Preventing catastrophic system failure

The Palace's failing heating, ventilation, water and electrical systems and the challenges of asbestos removal For further information about the Restoration and Renewal Programme visit www.restoratio...

07/11/2013 14:00

Palace of Westminster - Overview

Setting the scene: the unique heritage of the Palace and why the work is urgently needed For further information about the Restoration and Renewal Programme visit www.restorationandrenewal.parliament...

07/11/2013 14:00

UK Parliament Open Lecture -- The day Parliament burned down

Dr Caroline Shenton, Accommodation Study Director at the Parliament Archives, delivered an Open Lecture on 16th October 2013 discussing the great fire of 1834 which destroyed much of the old Houses of...

06/11/2013 12:57

Suffragettes – Stories from Parliament (Part 2 of 2)

This episode of Stories from Parliament follows Suffragette Lady Constance Lytton as she protests for women's right to vote. Watch part 2 of the Suffragettes story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?tim...

04/11/2013 14:45

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