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Women’s History Month: Eleanor Rathbone



International Women’s Day Lecture: March 2016 ‘A Most Independent Member: Eleanor Rathbone MP (1872 - 1946)’, by Dr Susan Cohen. Introductions by Charlotte Mallon, winner of the Great Debate 2015, and Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art. The subject of this year’s Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art International Women’s Day Lecture is Eleanor Rathbone. Rathbone is an unsung heroine of the twentieth century and 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of her death. This lecture by Dr Susan Cohen, historian and author of ‘Rescue the Perishing: Eleanor Rathbone and the Refugees’, (2010) and co-founder of the Remembering Eleanor Rathbone Group, celebrates Rathbone's life and embraces her diverse humanitarian activism as well as her courage as one of the few female politicians of the time. International Women’s Day is held yearly in March, and is celebrated during Women’s History Month with a series of various talks and lectures at the Palace of Westminster. For more information, see Women’s History Month 2016.