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#AdventCalendar Day 10 Speaker Bercow’s 10 year single malt #whisky is one of the branded wines and spirits visitors to Parliament can buy from the Jubilee gift shop, just off Westminster...

10/12/2015 07:27

#AdventCalendar Day 9 The Elizabeth Tower stands 96m tall at the north end of the Houses of Parliament. The name Big Ben is often used to describe the tower, the clock and the bell, but the name...

9/12/2015 08:10

#Advent Calendar Day 8 Tudor rose #Christmasdecorations in the Houses of Parliament shop. Augustus Pugin used the Tudor rose widely in the interior decoration of the Houses of Parliament. Visit...

8/12/2015 07:43

#AdventCalendar Day 7 The Houses of Parliament shop is located at 12 Bridge Street on the corner of Parliament Square and is accessible to all. Browse a selection of House of Commons and Houses of...

7/12/2015 07:40

#AdventCalendar Day 6 Tours plus afternoon tea beside the Thames are available to visitors from the UK and overseas on most Saturdays throughout the year. Find out more about tours with afternoon...

6/12/2015 09:06

#AdventCalendar Day 5 The Official Report, also known as Hansard, is an edited record of all that is said in both Houses of Parliament. Hansard is available online, published on a daily basis...

5/12/2015 10:25

#AdventCalendar Day 4 This interphone was used within the Speaker’s apartments during the 1920s. Find out more about the role of the Speaker and the #history of the office:...

4/12/2015 07:51

#AdventCalendar Day 3 You can come and visit Parliament with a number of different tours available including self-guided audio tours or guided tours with one of our dedicated visitor...

3/12/2015 07:48

#AdventCalendar Day 2 St Stephen's Hall stands on the site of the royal Chapel of St Stephen's, where the House of Commons sat until the Chapel was destroyed by fire in 1834. Read more about St...

2/12/2015 07:28

The mace in Parliament is the symbol of royal authority and without it the House cannot lawfully meet or pass laws. On each day that the House is sitting the mace is carried to the Chamber at the...

1/12/2015 07:35

Jamie Oliver with Helen Jones MP & Sarah Wollaston in #parliament before today's #sugartax petition debate: https://t.co/T0Gxjz7Lnt https://t.co/wmxUUnNeKb

30/11/2015 18:26

Lights on! #parliament #christmastree

28/11/2015 16:41

Lights on! #parliament #christmastree

28/11/2015 15:53

The Parliament Christmas Tree going up today. Lights will be turned on late afternoon #christmastree #parliament #bigben

28/11/2015 12:37

#autumn #sun #parliament

20/11/2015 15:14

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