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Baroness D'Souza

Former Lord Speaker (2011-2016). Read more about Baroness D’Souza

13/3/2017 21:18


A substantial number of areas within the Palace are known to contain asbestos. Read...

13/3/2017 21:18


Corrosion has occurred in gutters and downpipes, resulting in plumbing failure and visible damage to the stonework.

13/3/2017 21:18

Inaccessible Layers of Cabling

Inaccessible layers of electrical cabling. New cables and wires have been laid on top of old, redundant ones, presenting a high risk to safety and of failure.

13/3/2017 21:18

Palace Windows

There are almost 4,000 windows in the Palace, most of which need to be restored. Read...

13/3/2017 21:18

Steam & Electrical Systems

Steam systems, gas lines and water pipes are often laid one on top on another, alongside high voltage electricity wires, broadcasting cables and other vulnerable equipment. These systems are...

13/3/2017 21:18

Black Rod

Lieutenant-General David Leakey is Black Rod, responsible for controlling access to and maintaining order within the House and its precincts

6/3/2017 20:18

Steve Jaggs

Steve Jaggs is Palace Maintenance Manager in Parliament’s Maintenance Services. Find out...

6/3/2017 20:18

Red Coat

Jason Bean, Red Coat doorkeeper, is on duty at the Peers’ Entrance. Doorkeepers help members and assist with the smooth running of the House of Lords. The post-holder wears a red coat in summer,...

6/3/2017 20:18

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