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9 Days to the General Election

Did you know that the distance travelled by the minute hands on the Great Clock per year is equivalent to 190km? Discover more about the history of the Great Clock, Elizabeth Tower and BigBen....

12/5/2015 09:17

7 Days to the General Election

Enjoyed the BBC documentary #InsidetheCommons? You can now purchase the DVD at the Parliament shop, as well as a fantastic range of gifts and treats including glassware, ceramics and chocolates....

12/5/2015 09:17

8 Days to the General Election

The Parliamentary Archives, located in the Victoria Tower, holds millions of historical records relating to Parliament dating back to 1497, including the death warrant of King Charles I....

12/5/2015 09:17

6 Days to the General Election

Enjoy a tour highlighting one thousand years of history combined with a scrumptious afternoon tea in #Parliament overlooking the River Thames.

12/5/2015 09:17

5 Days to the General Election

“Ayes to the right, noes to the left” When there is a vote in the Commons, MPs leave their seats and walk into either the Aye or No lobby. By tradition, Aye is a 'yes' vote in the House of...

12/5/2015 09:17

4 Days to the General Election

Members entrance? This is where MPs enter a committee room. Committees consider policy issues, scrutinise the work and expenditure of government and examine proposals for primary and secondary...

12/5/2015 09:17

3 Days to the General Election

Did you know that St Stephen’s Hall was the original location of the House of Commons Chamber prior to the Great Fire of 1834? It is one of the places you can visit whilst on a tour of...

12/5/2015 09:17

2 Days to the General Election

Post-election new MPs are allocated a Pugin-inspired locker. Pugin designed most of the Palace's sumptuous Gothic interiors, such as various carvings, gilt work, panelling and furniture in the...

12/5/2015 09:17

1 Days to the General Election

The mace is a staff of office symbolising authority, it is carried in and out of the Commons Chamber by the Serjeant at Arms in a procession at the beginning and end of each day. Without the mace...

12/5/2015 09:17

'Educating Joey Essex' filming takes place in the Houses of Parliament

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