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It’s #LivingWageWeek! I’m supporting the thousands of employers across the UK who have stepped up and started payin… https://t.co/EFTRkCYiDm
Every person is valuable, and that’s why I’m celebrating #LivingWageWeek! Support the movement that's secured hundr… https://t.co/NAHlDHL1AW
RT @DavidRoseUK: What do Sir Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr and and Lord Brittan have in common? They all lived – and in the ca…
Saw Home Office advert saying how hate crime is a crime & you should report to police. Police chiefs saying they ha… https://t.co/4kncIdL31i
If only the @guardian would promote voting with your heart in the same way. We can change the political landscape.… https://t.co/qrWp1pTsze
RT @allpartycycling: Most drivers in fatal collisions with cyclists avoid jail says Cycling UK research https://t.co/eRSZaSjUrF
RT @BoltonUni: 🚨BREAKING NEWS 🏆Our #NCME team have become the British Rallycross Champions 🏎️Get out of the classroom & onto the race trac…
If only the @guardian would promote voting in the same way. We can change the pitical landscape. Germany has shown… https://t.co/HkGdLH4GoY
But... The Govt can make it easy to do the right thing, on food, exercise and travel. And they don't. https://t.co/wAeZO7xMg0
RT @LibDemNewswire: 80% of voters in Corbyn’s constituency back a People’s Vote https://t.co/Jl07l6o5lA
RT @natalieben: This should be the absolute minimum for every worker or every age, not the current unliveable, poverty pay of £3.70 to £7.3…
I won't be there, but good advice for any march or demo from @policemonitor https://t.co/EajJ6pWAw3