Information Records Management Service (IRMS)

Information Records Management Service (IRMS) Information and records management is the corporate function that provides systematic control of our business information and content  (i.e. data, documents, records and other recorded information that has a specific content and a value to Parliament),  throughout its life cycle so that we can meet operational needs, legal requirements, and public expectations.    

The IRMS develops, advises on and implements information management policies and practices for the end-to-end management of current business information, in order to meet operational business needs, statutory and fiscal requirements, and public expectations.


Our fundamental aim is to help staff manage information more easily, ensuring it is available, held securely and disposed of appropriately, and that information worthy of permanent preservation is kept. The service works in partnership with other business areas to provide expert advice and practical solutions to information management issues. 

Records Management in Parliament

A brief introduction to records management in Parliament