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House of Commons returns on 13 June 2017

MPs meet following the 2017 General Election

Countdown to the general election

UK parliamentary general election took place on 8 June 2017

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In order to vote in the 2017 General Election you must be on the Electoral Register

House of Commons enquiries and requests for information following dissolution

What to expect from the House of Commons Enquiry services after Parliament has dissolved

End of the 2015-17 Parliament

Prorogation announcement delivered in the Lords and the Commons

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Title Date
Government must address crisis of self-inflicted deaths in prison 02.05.2017
Further scrutiny of "Great Repeal Bill" proposals urged for next Parliament 02.05.2017
Government must act urgently to end Brexit risk to nuclear industry 02.05.2017
Pupils should have more time for well-being, say MPs 02.05.2017
Recruiting and retaining teachers will remain a significant challenge 02.05.2017
Civil service inquiry breaks new ground as Government approaches Brexit 02.05.2017