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School transport subsidy

Groups of young people making Education Visits to Parliament from UK constituencies may be eligible for a transport subsidy.

School transport subsidy

Terms and Conditions


Groups of young people making Education Visits to Parliament from UK constituencies may be eligible for a transport subsidy to help defray the costs of travel to and from London.

An eligible group may make one transport subsidy application per financial year (1 April – 31 March).

To be eligible for a transport subsidy a visiting group must meet the following conditions:

The group must be making an Education Visit to Parliament. An Education visit is classed as:

             - a tour and workshop session booked through the Education Service

             - a Story of Parliament film and tour booked through the Education Service

             - Adventurer's Tour for age 7 to 11, booked through the Education Service

             - a tour booked by a school’s MP through the Tours Office and delivered by an Education Service trained guide.


The visit must have been delivered by staff from Parliament's Education Service. The transport subsidy is not available for groups visiting through any other means.

An Education Visit to Parliament must be booked through the UK Parliament's Education Service (now incorporating the Tour Bookings Team) in accordance with the terms and conditions of these services. Visits which are eligible for a subsidy remain subject to those terms and conditions at all times.

The visit must follow the standard programme as set out by the Education Service. If a group wishes to leave early, and not complete its booked Education Visit, it will be ineligible to claim for a transport subsidy.

  • The group must be visiting from a constituency within Band B or C of the Transport Subsidy Bands (Schools can check which band they fall into here). The size of the subsidy available depends of the distance travelled
  • The group type should be on those listed in List A in Appendix A (includes further education colleges)
  • The group must be made up of young people between the ages of 7 and 18, as set out in the terms and conditions for Education Visits. The school or group co-ordinator will be asked to confirm the age range of the group on the subsidy claim form
  • Eligibility for a subsidy does not confer any additional rights or priority.

An eligible group may apply for a transport subsidy towards the reasonable, actual travel costs (e.g., train or coach fare) which it incurred in travelling to and from London for its Education Visit to Parliament.

Actual travel costs are the amount of money paid, after any applicable discounts, refunds or other reductions, for the sole purpose of the group’s return travel from a band B or C constituency to Parliament.

Actual travel costs do not include, and no subsidy is available for, individual journeys to reach the group at the start of the trip or at any other point, refreshments, accommodation or journeys within London for any purpose other than the Education Visit.

The Education Visit to Parliament must be the primary purpose of the trip. While groups may choose to take part in other activities during the trip, travel costs which relate to those activities will not be subsidised and must not be included in the claim.

Level of Subsidy

The level of subsidy will be determined by the Transport Subsidy Band into which the school falls. The allocation of constituencies, and therefore schools, to Transport Subsidy Bands in non-negotiable. Schools can see which band they fall into here.

The level of subsidy in each band is as follows:

- Band B: 50% of receipted travel costs, up to a maximum claim of £800
- Band C: 75% of receipted travel costs, up to a maximum claim of £1600

Applying for a subsidy

Upon booking an Education Visit, eligible groups will receive confirmation of their booking and a subsidy application form. This form is automatically generated based upon the eligibility of the visiting group.

The school or group co-ordinator should complete and return the application form to confirm details of their group and their booking.

After the visit has taken place, the group co-ordinator should complete and return the subsidy claim form together with all necessary proof of actual travel costs.

Payment of a subsidy will only be made after the trip has taken place and after the scheme administrator has received:

- A properly completed claim form from the group
- Original receipts or invoices for actual travel costs incurred by the group. Credit card receipts should be accompanied by proof of details of travel, such as tickets or invoices.
- Confirmation from the Education Service that the Education Visit took place

These documents must be received by the scheme administrator no later than 90 days after the Education Visit.

It is the group’s responsibility to claim the subsidy and to provide all necessary paperwork within the time limit. The Education Service accepts no responsibility to remind groups of this requirement.


If the Education Service cancels a confirmed booking after costs have been incurred with a travel provider and the group is unable to obtain a refund, the group may claim a subsidy for those costs. The group will need to provide evidence that they have been unsuccessful in obtaining a refund. Please contact the transport subsidy officer on 0207 219 0688 or [email protected] to discuss further.

In this instance only, a group wishing to arrange an alternative date to visit Parliament within the same financial year may make a second transport subsidy claim.

If a group chooses voluntarily not to obtain a refund, but to continue with its trip to London without undertaking an Education Visit to Parliament as part of that trip, it may not claim a subsidy for its travel costs.

No subsidy will be paid for a visit cancelled for any other reason.