Digitised Historical Parliamentary Material

Published Parliamentary material has been digitised and made available on the Internet by various organisations. The information on the pages listed below summarise the main series of material which are available in electronic form. Please note that Parliament is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Primary and Secondary Legislation

Primary legislation is law made by Parliament, known as an Act of Parliament. Delegated or secondary legislation is usually concerned with detailed changes to the law made under powers from an existing Act of Parliament.

Parliamentary Debates

The main business in both Houses of Parliament often takes the form of a debate including discussion on a Bill, general topics of interest, or issues selected by the major parties. All these debates are published in a daily record called Hansard.

Parliamentary Papers

The term parliamentary papers covers the working papers of Parliament - including Hansard the daily record of proceedings, other papers produced by Parliament and its committees, and papers presented to Parliament by outside bodies.

Proceedings and Journals

The Parliament Rolls of medieval England were the general proceedings of Parliament in medieval times. The original documents of these are held at The National Archives. The Journals are the formal record of proceedings in both Houses of Parliament.

House of Lords Judgments

The House of Lords was the UK's highest court of appeal until 30 July 2009. All House of Lords judgments from 14 November 1996 to 30 July 2009 are available on the Parliament website. Before then you can arrange access through the Parliamentary Archives.

Devolved Parliament and Assemblies

All the recent records of the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies and the Scottish Parliament, plus earlier papers from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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