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Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, working Peer, Liberal Democrat. Fighting too much intrusion into our privacy.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jan 2011
It's way past time for the government to back down and unilaterally grant residency rights to EU citizens who live… https://t.co/AuahODdKLi
RT @IanDunt: This is getting quite painful to watch. https://t.co/RHVPSuDFXS
RT @Ian_Fraser: Over and over again, Theresa May promised that, if she lost six seats, Corbyn would be PM. She lost *TWELVE* https://t.co/…
4,500 so-called "Green voters" chose Lib Dems and over-ruled local Green leaders who rejected a progressive allianc… https://t.co/mavKviY2fp
Use the Vote Smart tool to stop a Tory landslide on June 8th. Click to see your result. https://t.co/jC07wCtdlC
RT @Robert___Harris: This sort of hyped-up headline does the terrorists' job for them. UK isn't "reeling" @nytimes https://t.co/KKesMHHIFY
Once again the Muslim community did its civic duty and reported someone who was becoming a terrorist to the authori… https://t.co/jhE7RR2khL
More of the same disdain for the electorate ... https://t.co/FCxN1IevQj
No-one home at the first house. At the second, 3 former Tories now voting for Wera Hobhouse. Ditto many more. Mrs… https://t.co/vAL9uRzjEG
This is how Mrs May treats the election - not a single questions answered. Complete waste of time.… https://t.co/uH6VfrOoHu
RT @SaveBathLibrary: With voting extremely tight in Bath, please bear in mind the candidate tipped to win wants to close the Podium library…
RT @EmmaGx: .@tessamunt was excellent in the #ge17west debate!
I was highlighting Tory dishonesty in claiming credit for a Lib Dem policy that Cameron opposed. Still waiting for… https://t.co/2O70H0vWzm
What's going on here? Is Bath's Tory candidate trying to hide his unimpressive voting record? Might he be lobby fod… https://t.co/P3tcM95x6V
The PM surely can't really believe this quote from her manifesto? If she does, the negotiations will be a disaster. https://t.co/gZhpLMcMQn