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Twitter bio: One time serial IT entrepreneur. Saw Spurs win the double. Was at Wembley in '66. Only saw Miles play once.

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 10 May 2000
The DUP. The even nastier party.
Same old retreads. Lucky French. Unlucky us.
Don't be surprised to see Sinn Fein take up their 7 seats. They won't like DUP supporting Tories.
According to Diane Abbott. The world in divided into three types of people: those who can count, and those who can't.
Cameron holds unnecessary referendum and loses his job. May holds unnecessary election and will lose her job. Tories: brilliant.
RT @MichaelLCrick: Since 1974, with just one exception (1987) the leader of losing main party in an election has then quit. This time it co…
DUP. Creationist. Homophobic. Misogynist des pite woman leader. Stuck in 1950s. Have a wonderful weekend.
Flying back from sunny Italy. They have a brilliant word to describe Theresa May - antipatica. Without sympathy.
Up until the day before the New York Times said Hillary was 80% certain to win.
What do Hillary and Teresa have in common? Answers on a postcard.
Does this mean Brexit could be watered down
I can't stand Theresa May but I LOATHE Corbyn. Can you imagine Chakrabarti as Attorney? Luckily as a Peer I am not allowed to vote.
Isn't al Jazeera based in Qatar? Didn't Qatar get 2022 World Cup? Doesn't Qatar finance the bad guys? Mmmmm.....
Harvard has rescinded offers of acceptance to 10 students who posted vile content on Facebook. Their example should be followed in UK
London and Boston the only cities with TWO universities in the world's top 10 . Just published. UCL & Imperial. MIT & Harvard
RT @nytimes: Some of the fastest progress on clean energy is occurring in states that voted for President Trump https://t.co/0c7hXdnP5m htt…
'F*** you I'm Millwall' so said the hero who held 3 terrorists at bay and had his face and neck slashed. Bloody right.
Diane Abbott standing aside. Inevitable really
Proud to know Richard Angell who went back to the restaurant to pay his bill plus tip. Classy act from a classy guy.