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Twitter bio: Tory Hered in the House of Lords. Company Director. Enjoys family, grandchildren, gardening, cooking, shooting, hunting and fishing. Hates political correctness

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 16 Feb 1981
What Do Stomas look Like? (Ostomy Stoma Pictures): https://t.co/N74GZcCy8M via @ostomyland
Sick & tired of Labour saying the NHS is in bad nick. My wife who has been desperately ill treated by NHS - simply superb.well done NHS.
How completely disgusting of Corbyn to try to make political capital out of a terrorist disaster by blaming the Conservatives
The Nations Safety - can you imagine what would happen under Ms Abbott ? #dangerous#disastrous#voteconservativeforsafety
Wife in Royal Derby Hospital with life threat problems. Recovering. Superb hospital, superb Staff, so very grateful #dontknockNHS
My wife is very ill in Derby Hospital. Superb care God Bless NHS.thanks to ALL staff in SAU. U r the best.
Corbyn makes pledge to cut VAT how the hell can he fund this. Under Corbyn uk will be a basket case #greece#bankrupt#votetory
Diane Abbott ranting & raving, lecturing, jabbing finger on The London Debate. Talking bunkum. Nothing changes. #VoteConservative
RT @CFoI: Out campaigning no matter the weather in Birmingham Northfield w/ popular @Conservatives candidate Meg Powell-Chandler & Baroness…
RT @JohnPenroseNews: Vote Corbyn get Sturgeon, and *another* referendum. Curb your enthusiasm everyone....... https://t.co/7esZI0L5mo
Diane Abbott on Andrew Marr Show. Fascinating. #voteconservative
RT @turrifftackle: Our American visitors today landed a 7 lb sea- trout nymphing for brownies at Avochie on the #Deveron . Well done Carl.…
So Corbyn now says that IRA bombing was "wrong" what a difference an Election makes. Tell that to Household Cavalry & so many others
RT @BathCA: Vote @theresa_may & @ben4bath for an increased NHS budget every year - made possible by a strong economy, with more jobs and mo…
RT @jimbarrington: Jeremy Corbyn would put our country's security at risk. RT this video so everyone knows his true views https://t.co/WGVu…
Canvassing in Dudley Nth today, great Team great candidate. Met 5 Labour all their lives willvote Tory. Reason Corbin & Abbott #comeonTories
RT @TheLadyMorris: @lordshrewsbury That's the problem. People won't bother and then what price democracy?
At Builders Merchant in Ashbourne today. Employee told me he was Labour thru & thru 4 generations. Not voting this time. #corbyneffect
RT @Conservatives: On June 9th, this man could be Prime Minister. We can’t let that happen. SHARE this with as many people as possible to e…