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Twitter bio: Politician in Westminster, politics teacher @UniofOxford. Host of the "Deep Dive" podcast. Chair @UNAUK. Devotee of Jethro Tull, @LFC, alt-country & movies.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 15 Jan 2011
Our country is in a right state when concerns about the time it takes for goat skin to dry are causing a constitut… https://t.co/aFTJwNMs1M
A UK Govt formally reliant on any N Irish party won't be seen as the honest broker it needs to be. The stakes are too high to risk it. 10/10
The UK Govt's periodic role as an honest broker between the N Irish parties is now needed again. It has a duty to be & appear impartial 9/10
Now we face new, multiple crises in N Irish politics: an executive suspended for 6 months, Brexit raising fears of a hard border... 8/10
Here's the point: the deal would have been impossible if the UK Govt had been thought to have interests beyond being an honest broker. 7/10
After 72 hours we got a deal involving multiple compromises, careful drafting & extra cash. All to ensure N Ireland kept going forward. 6/10
These discussions were like playing chess on multiple chessboards at once, with constant impasses, shouting, walk-outs & deal-making. 5/10
Each party had their own room in Hillsborough. Diplomacy was shuttled, via an interminable cycle of meetings in multiple combinations. 4/10
We had 3 sleepless days & nights holed up in Hillsborough Castle with the N Irish parties & the Taoiseach, trying to hammer out a deal. 3/10
The deadline for devolution of justice & policing powers was due, but being held up by a bundle of disputes between the DUP & Sinn Fein 2/10
THREAD: When Gordon Brown was PM, I was privileged to be his N Ireland adviser. We had crises galore, but only one over Nthn Ireland. 1/10
RT @jimwaterson: Boris Johnson writes for The Sun and claims the Tories won Clwyd South against the odds. One problem: didn't happen. https…
Labour has a chance now to lead the way in rejecting a politics based on division & fear. But we have to start by being kinder to each other
Remember, Macron's En Marche! was founded 66 days ago. Now they are building an elected one-party state. An extraor… https://t.co/itWeNo52Af
Less a Night of the Long Knives, more a Day of the Plastic Picnic Knives https://t.co/4yMDqBtWpw
Boris Johnson's response to the authenticity gap: publicising his selflessness via the orchestrated leak of a "pri… https://t.co/ovV8aLiVED
Is the Conservative Party still committed to English Votes for English Laws? Or is that strangely up for reconsideration now? #DUPCoalition
RT @StewartWood: Lots of good pieces appearing on why everyone underestimated Corbyn. For me one thing is paramount. Voters want authentici…
Election lesson for Tories: young voters are mobilising & they have serious problems with you. First Tory response: do a deal with the DUP.
Take a second to let this sink in: our PM is about to start Brexit negotiations when her own MPs think her position… https://t.co/wcAVISLH29