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Twitter bio: Stockport lad wandering the Palace of Westminster for a living, Lib Dem & Manchester City fan. first game 24/8/66

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 15 Sep 2014
Utter nonsense DUP want a soft Brexit especially with the border with the rest of Ireland. https://t.co/GsguguCR5v
@LordRoyKennedy ITV having a chat with MPs who lost their seats and got the wrong Angela Smith on clueless !!!! https://t.co/EK6Uw95G5i
What exactly is a City Fam, we should be told 😜 https://t.co/ooESQ0NLwT
Anarchy in the U.K. Sex Pistols released 26th November 1976. Could be very prophetic don't you think. https://t.co/kZgrbnMO2z
My cats just come in, says he's been out with Frank the Tank, it's got to stop. @woyonp https://t.co/r2DmoSuMsh
RT @BlueCitizen007: Retweet if you think Glenn Hoddle is the worst commentator of all times!
Australia completely collapsing at the cricket, fantastic, at last something to cheer me up. @cblackburnsport
If the MEN Managment had the choice of losing the editor or you, which would they choose Jen? https://t.co/8tF15uqHdv
RT @1cornishblue: For those asking why Corbyn is celebrating finishing second. He's an Arsenal fan 🙊
RT @piersmorgan: Congrats to Diane Abbott who increased her majority by 11k AND instantly recovered from her job-ending illness. Two miracl…
Looking forward to the A6 being closed for 3 months from Stockport Library to George's Lane. Just as St.Marys way is completely snarled up.
No he won't because it's all smoke and mirrors, he is hard Brexit at heart. https://t.co/GyKWOqMzah
RT @liamyoung: To be fair Theresa May warned of coalition of chaos propped up by extremist terrorist sympathisers. She just didn't say she'…