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Twitter bio: Composer, Broadcaster (Presenter of Private Passions - BBC Radio 3)

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 26 Mar 2013
Great sitar player Nishat Khan on an Indian dynasty and mastering sitar but he's also mad about Bruckner. Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3
Missed Ivo van Hove on PP? Hear about working with Bowie on Lazarus on Private Passions page @BBCRadio3
Historian Bettany Hughes: Shepherds in Greece, Gypsy music in Istanbul, a 9th-century female Byzantine composer. Priv Pass noon @BBCRadio3
Chimp speech with Jane Goodall plus Bach, Beethoven, Schubert & Burton reading Milk Wood. PP noon @BBCRadio3
New Dir of @NationalGallery, Gabriele Finaldi, part Catford part Neapolitan roots + music from Spain, Italy and France PP @BBCRadio3 noon
Cambridge Prof. Eamon Duffy on medieval, Tudor and seventeenth-century music. 3 thinking & Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3
Glenn Gould, Cavalli and Josquin chosen by idiosyncratic writer, AL Kennedy, for Private Passions, noon @BBCRadio3
Mark Padmore on the Bach Passions, Schubert and contemporary vocal music. Had he not been a singer? You'll never guess. PP noon @BBCRadio3
Why does Thomas Ostermeier not direct opera? Find out now on Private Passions @BBCRadio3
Leading German Theatre Director Thomas Ostermeier (Hamlet) with a 20th century Priv Passions (Cage, Bartok, Shostakovich). noon @BBCRadio3
RT @richsconcerts: Final concert of season tmrow by @CarducciQuartet @influencechurchbut next season shd be revealed - & it's FANTASTIC. ht…
can't wait to see this in the flesh
Find out which is lyricist Tim Rice's favourite musical of all time. Private Passions noon @BBCRadio3