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Jerry Zejman
· 1 March 2017
Thank you for amending Brexit bill. I wasn't allowed to vote but respected result of the referendum. Unfortunately result is having negative impact on my life a...t the moment. I was sad and desperate but you made me feel that you think about us as human beings, and not like something you have to negotiate about. I am EU national, I am proud of it. I am also proud to live in this country and support local community, work and pay tax. See more
Dan Taylor
· 2 March 2017
You guys have been amazing since 2015. Our elected officials keep trying to push through legislation that is not in the interests of the people, and not what th...ey voted MPs in for. Things like tax credit cuts. No one wants to be put in to poverty, yet our Government tried to force this through! The un-elected upper house has actually been the voice of reason on many occasions, for example getting the Government to rethink it's tax credits cuts. People keep saying the Lords is undemocratic, but they have a better conscience and seemed to look out for the voters more than the commons (even though they aren't voted in!) Thank you :) See more
Eleanor Jennifer Lewis
· 7 March 2017
I was always in favour of our House if Lords, part of our British Way if Life. However recently seeing the Lords numbering 800 or more, I think it has become f...arcical, a joke. What exactly is the big magnet that some want to stop the UK leaving the shambles that is the United States if Europe or EU as it is known as. Just note for goodnesss sake how much at over £50 Million a day it is cisting the UK - nobody knows where or to whom that money goes, we don't even see an itemised receipt for it!!! Just look at the ruination of Greece, Zitaly, Spain, even France and not firgetting the UK - i do not recall all this hullabaloo when the UK voted to 'join the Common Market' - there was no vote to join the United States of Europe was there? As far as I'm concerned our EU membership is 'illegal' - we survuved prosperously for over 1,970 years but I've watched since then my beloved country slowly but surely being ruined. Time to gorget about this ridiculous pipe dream By the way nobody said anything when Governments went with their biros signing all these treaties.... I did nit elect those 800 Lords to speak for me - when I said in the beginning I was always in favour of the Lords, I meant a House if Heredity Peers .... I'm sure they would not have amounted to 800? See more
Liliana Domínguez López
· 2 March 2017
Thank u, i have never been interested in politics .i respected result of the referendum, even when i was deeply sad about it, only a 2 % difference and so many ...misleading promises on the vote leaves campaign, often everyone forget the other 48 % i m sure a second referendum wouldnt have the same result just now, but sadly the result is having a negative impact on my life atm. starting a new life far from home is always hard for everyone all this made me feel really lost at some points, it s nice to see that there are still ppl that think about us as human beings, and not like a product u have to negotiate about. I am EU national, Spanish I am proud of it. always will, I am also happy to live in this country now having the right to work and pay tax like everyone else See more
Carolyn Andy Hadji
· 3 March 2017
Over indulged, over paid, unelected and unemployable bunch of takers! Get rid of the lot and the money saved could be used to stop the reduction in cuts to vuln...erable people in our society. What good do they do in the House? They are just a thorn in the side of our elected representatives. What is the point of taking away an important tool in the negotiations that must follow? See more
Aristotle Solmerano
· 11 February 2017
The Lords has a reputation for thorough and detailed scrutiny.

How the Lords checks and challenges the UK government in terms of discrimination especially peop...le who belong to minority group who live peacefully and help the society in the country?

The Equality Act 2010 (the Act) states that is unlawful to directly discriminate against an employee by treating them less favourably because of their protected characteristic, race, colour, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. I have tried to address this matter locally however it seems to be either beyond their ability or as seen as a matter of importance and just left aside.

#YourStoryOurHistory #HeadsTogether #TimeToTalk
See more
Izzy Verena
· 1 March 2017
You have shown real courage today - the world is watching in horror what is happening in the UK, which has been compared again and again to the rise of fascism 1930's Germany. The kinds of comments and abuse that you have received is indicative of that, and basically what we have been experiencing in recent months. It's a kind of mass hysteria and aggression that has nothing to do with reason, the like of which hasn't been seen in Europe for decades. It's impossible to reason with people like that. There is no doubt in my mind that the 'brightest and the best' the UK wants to attract would never want to come here in future. This country is on a dark path and has aroused a lot of negative feelings both here and abroad. The House of Lords has shown decency, reason and intelligence. Nevermind bravery. Trust me, it has been noted and appreciated - and history will look back at this with scrutiny. You have my absolute respect xx See more
Dee Bee
· 2 March 2017
Thank you for the intelligence and integrity of your debates, particularly at this point in time which will be seen to be pivotal in the evolution of Europe in ...the 21st Century, as judged by future historians. I respect the breadth and variety of many of your backgrounds and your careful and rational consideration of this most vexed and divisive issue. Please continue your intense scrutiny and hold all of HM Government's decisions to account. See more
John Topham
· 1 March 2017
I would say there HAS to be an upper house to 'sense check' stuff pushed through by the commons. It should be reformed, however. An elected upper house is the w...ay forward, and GET RID of the religious appointees. The majority of the country is non-religious, so why should they have an automatic place in the Lords. See more
Rolanda Miguens Reid
· 1 March 2017
Thank you for the House of Lords for using their wisdom and experience to protect people that moved to the UK in good faith. The attack on the Lords is an act o...f cowardice by people fed on lies by some sections of the media. In time they will discover that the Bus was a huge lie. That their fears were unfounded. See more
John Matthews
· 13 March 2017
needs to be got rid of - we did not elect these 760 people why should we pay £100m a year for them while we all suffer pay cuts - rising prices - and more and m...ore cuts to services while this lot live the life of riley - fine food and fine wine on tap !! while - we all shop at aldi just to make ends make !! - its disgrace and should be ended and the british people should have the right to boot these people out not have to be stuck with them till they die !! get the buggers F.R.O - OUT OF IT.. See more
Kalliopi Kritikou
· 2 March 2017
Thank you very much for voting for the protection of my right to stay in the country I consider to be my home for the last 18 years. Also, I would like to thank you for voting for protecting the rights of my British husband and son for a family life.
Peggy Common
· 1 March 2017
the Lords are un-elected and should be advisory only. Reports of them signing in and going need to be checked out by the press.
If they go against ''50'' and tr...y to amend it with rights for eu citizens before we have the rights for British citizens then they should be dismissed and an elected body put in place. Why you may ask? cos they are not looking after the British interest See more
Tim Sims
· 7 March 2017
Shame on the House of Lords. You are not reflecting the vote of the majority of the people - at which point I can no longer see the point of your hugely expensive institution
Bill Power
· 11 March 2017
You are an anachronism to the days when power was exercised by dint of divine right and only by the rich and powerful. I dont remember ever having a vote for ev...en a single house of lords member but you are pontificating on exclusively democratic decisions. You mirror perfectly the EU. Appointees and the uneleted yet weilding power without democratic sanction. Its long past your place in history you simply have to go and go soon! See more
Brett Smith
· 1 March 2017
Needs to be abolished. Unelected and with there own agendas which often have nothing to do with the good of the country and more about looking after their own interests. How we allowed people getting fat EU pensions to vote on article 50 is beyond madness.
Mehdi Gholikhan
· 28 March 2017
I love this Victorian building with all its impressive arches and pinnacles.
You must see this place if you are lucky enough to go in when you are in London!
Chez Miller
· 3 March 2017
The House of Lords is being abused by our elected officials by filling it with unelected money wasting money grabbing rich Lords. It costs our taxpayers around ...£100 million a year (probably much more) The House of Lords is the largest parliamentary chamber in any democracy with people we didn't elect. See more
Valentina Assenova-Shopova
· 2 March 2017
I have faith that the house of Lord is serving the justice and the real interest of the people and the Queen. Respect!
Guglielmo Tranchina
· 2 March 2017
Thank you so much for all the good work. As an EU citizen in the UK, I hope all the best for our future.

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