The Palace of Westminster: official guide


Produced by the House of Commons and House of Lords, this official guide draws deeply on the rich experience of those who understand the Palace and Parliament best of all, the people who look after the buildings and the treasures they hold, and those who support the important work of Parliament.

This beautifully illustrated guide to the Palace of Westminster is a highly readable account of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, home to the United Kingdom’s Parliament and central to this country’s past, present – and future.

  • over 170 stunning colour images
  • unique photographs specially taken by Parliament’s photographer
  • reproductions of some of the finest works of art from the Parliamentary Art Collection and fascinating records from the Parliamentary Archives
  • a specially-designed illustration to situate the buildings in their surroundings
  • details of all the works of art on the tour route
  • a timeline
  • labelled floorplans and drawings
  • practical information about how to obtain further information

The Palace of Westminster guide is also available in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The book is available exclusively in Parliamentary shops, online and when purchasing tickets for Houses of Parliament tours for £5.00.

Designed to heighten enjoyment and appreciation of these remarkable buildings, this guide contains over 170 stunning images accompanying a wealth of facts about the Palace’s history, heritage and significance.

Packed with interest and detail, the book conveys the authors’ great enthusiasm and knowledge: it is written by staff from Hansard who usually record Parliamentary business.

Comments by the Speaker

"The Official Guide to the Palace of Westminster is an excellent resource both for visitors and those with an interest in Parliament’s history and daily work. Its pages are filled with intriguing facts and striking images—some never seen before. It is a very enjoyable read and one which you will return to, each time to learn something new."

John Bercow MP
Speaker of the House of Commons

Comments by the Lord Speaker

"I am delighted that this splendid guidebook has been produced to share the stories, history and heritage of Parliament, as well as providing an insight into the work of Parliament. What makes this book unique is the fact it has been written by people who understand Parliament best - those who work here every day. It gives the guidebook a feeling of both familiarity and affection, which I hope will encourage even more people to visit Parliament and learn more about the fascinating history that has helped to shape the way Parliament works today."

Baroness D’Souza
Lord Speaker

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