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Democracy Street is a digital art project that can be used in the classroom to get your students thinking about connections between Parliament and their local area.

This newly developed website lets you discover and explore streets that have a connection to democracy, for example those that are named after or share the same name as a parliamentarian or those that highlight key events in our democratic history.

Use the Democracy Street website alongside the downloadable resources with your key stage 2 and key stage 3 students.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Learn about the history of Parliament and democracy
  • Make democratic links to their local area
  • Research local history
  • Learn about past and present parliamentarians

KS3 students will also:

  • Examine source materials
  • Consider how historians find out about the past
  • Discuss the reliability of historical evidence
KS2 classroom activities

KS2 classroom activities

Download pack to use in the classroom

pdf file - 348 KB

KS2 rosette template

KS2 rosette template

Download rosette template to use with KS2 classroom activities

pdf file - 12 KB

KS3 classroom activities

KS3 classroom activities

Download pack to use in the classroom

pdf file - 509 KB

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