Construction industry

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on the construction industry. This select committee reports, includes briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

06.10.2015The construction industry: statistics and policy
Key statistics on the construction industry - employment, new orders, output. Also construction sector policy intitiatives.
02.10.2015Industries in the UK
This note presents data on the value and relative contribution of major industries to the UK economy
21.03.2014Construction Industry Training Board Levy
Construction Industry Training Board Levy is paid by eligation construction firms. Money raised is used to pay for training and skill development.
12.09.2012Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Bill
This briefing has been prepared to inform the Second Reading debate on the Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Bill
03.07.2012VAT on construction
This note sets out the VAT treatment of construction work and the UK's discretion in setting VAT rates under EU law, before looking at the debate on harmonising VAT rates on all types of construction work.
24.07.2009Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL]: Committee Stage Report
This report covers the Committee Stage of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill (HL) 2008-09. The Bill implements a number of community empowerment measuresoutlined in the white paper - Communities in control: real people, real power (Cm 7427). It also implements changes in relation to regional and sub-regional economic development and planning. See also Research Papers 09/45 and 09/46.
22.05.2009Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL]: Economic, regional and construction aspects (Bill 93 of 2008-09).
This paper covers parts 4 to 8 of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL]. The Bill implements a number of changes in relation to regional and sub-regional economic development and planning, including: an economic assessment duty for local authorities; a new regional strategy process for English regions outside London; new Local Authority Leaders' Boards to agree the strategy with Regional Development Agencies; provisions for further sub-regional partnerships through Economic Prosperity Boards and Multi-Area Agreements. The Bill also amends the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 in relation to construction contracts with the aim of improving cashflow and the adjudication process in the industry. See also Library Research Paper 09/45, for coverage of parts 1 to 3 of the Bill which relate to community empowerment, housing and Boundary Commission issues.

Lords Library Notes

22.01.2016Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16: Briefing for Lords Stages
This Lords Library briefing provides information in support of the House of Lords consideration of the Housing and Planning Bill.
12.10.2015Availability and Quality of Apprenticeships, and the Spread of Apprenticeships across the Labour Market
This Library Note provides statistical information on apprenticeships, based on the most recent figures published by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). It then focusses on four key areas of recent government policy development in relation to apprenticeships: the announcement of a government target of three million new apprenticeships by the end of March 2020; the development of new apprenticeship standards


01.04.1995Waste derived fuels and cement kilns
This POSTnote examines the technical aspects of burning waste-derived fuels in cement kilns and the issues raised. POSTnote 60. POST. 1995.

Early Day Motions

That this House recognises the need to retain skilled workers in the construction industry; notes with concern that several major employers in the construction industry are considering ...
That this House deplores the loss of private sector construction jobs as a result of cuts in public expenditure including the Building Schools for the Future programme; notes the North ...
That this House welcomes the launch of the Daily Mirror's campaign, Gizza Proper Job, opposing false self-employment; notes that, according to Professor Mark Harvey of Essex University, ...
That this House notes that the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) employers have failed to offer a pay rise this year; further notes that the 500,000 to 600,000 workers governed ...
That this House recognises that construction is a major employer in all constituencies and that a vast number of jobs within the industry are still under threat; and calls for a comprehensive ...


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