Written evidence submitted by Mrs Razep Echeng. University of the West of SCOTLAND, Ph.D. student


The Committee has invited evidence on the following issues:

  1. What impact has the closure of the Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Visa had on:

The universities are not having many international students as they had when there was post-study work visa. This has reduce the money the universities in Scotland has been having in the past form school fees. 

The Economic growth of Scotland has been affected in so many ways. The post study work allowed more skilled workers to contribute to the economic growth of Scotland but now it is taken away, these students are away to other places.   Apart from paid jobs some of the students were involved in voluntary services for different sectors in Scotland and this was just to have some work experience until they find a job in their field, these sectors are lacking volunteers right now.

This is an issue because the employers are lacking skilled staff. There is need to open avenues for skilled staff to come into Scotland and join the other to increase Scottish skilled workers.

The post-study should be a means of getting skill staff into key problem areas in different sectors of the economy and assist them to improve on the economic status of Scotland.

Raising the skill levels of Scotland’s own young people and attracting skilled workers from the rest of the United Kingdom?

Raising the skill workers level in Scotland can be achieved faster if there are avenues of bringing more skilled staff from all over the world to encourage more Scottish people to becoming skilled to higher level.                                       

  1. How effective are current Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) and 2 (General) visas for enabling international students to remain in Scotland, after completing their studies, to contribute to the Scottish economy?

I can say that the current Tier 1 and tier 2 visas are not effective for enabling international student to remain in Scotland. This is because very few people are able to meet the demand of the home office regarding the money expected, whereas a lot of this students have acquired good education which they can in turn put back into the economy  but only few meet up with employers and Home office demand and so they cannot contribute to the Scottish economy

Tier 1 Graduate entrepreneur require so much money and very few persons have such money to start a business. I believe that there should be an allowance for small scale business to enable others who also have very good business ideas to go into the same scheme. By this, some persons with talents, skills and good business ventures would think of investing their time and money into the Scottish economy.

To what extent is the competitiveness of Scottish universities driven by factors such as the availability of post study work schemes, as compared to the quality of education?

I do not see a fall in quality of learning in the Scottish universities when Post study work is brought back to Scotland. I rather see a strong economy with many skilled walkers from all over the world. I believe that when people of different cultures come together to learn the learning is more meaning due to collaborative power.    I suggest that that the management of educational institutions should continue uphold their good standards irrespective of the competiveness and these would reflect on the product of students they bring out.

  1. What progress has been made on discussions between the UK and Scottish governments to explore the possibility of introducing formal post study work schemes for international students in Scotland?

I don’t know of any, I will need to research on this

  1. How should any post study work scheme for international students in Scotland be structured?

I feel that the biggest issue is securing a job after the completion of studies. I also suggest that there should be provision for graduate jobs for the period of post study for these students immediately after their studies. This can be in the form of placement into areas that the Scottish economy needs to improvement. This will help to ensure that the student s are contributing to the economy and also to keep them for just the number of years they are to be in Scotland for post- study and thereafter they can go back to their homes if no other employer takes them on.


December 2015