Lords debates on 26 May

Special Needs classroom

Educational needs, young voters and mental health on the agenda

Christopher Elmore elected MP for Ogmore

Christopher Elmore elected to Parliament following by-election

New Member of Parliament for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough

Gill Furniss elected to Parliament following by-election

Huw Irranca-Davies resigns as MP for Ogmore

Resignation of MP to trigger by-election

EU Referendum: impartial information to help you decide

Includes analysis of the different arguments and opinions on the subject.

More elections

Title Date
Bill likely to reduce Labour funding, but Committee proposes way forward 02.03.2016
Party officials give evidence to Committee 04.02.2016
National Voter Registration Drive 03.02.2016
Lords debates local democracy 27.01.2016
Reasoned Opinion on European Parliament electoral reform recommended by Committee 27.01.2016
Lords private members' bills 18.01.2016