House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Awards

House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Awards have been developed to recognise individuals and teams for their contribution to promoting, delivering and embedding the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and wider inclusion-related work, which aims to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment for all on the parliamentary estate.

The annual awards are a way of highlighting people who are making a difference to diversity and inclusion in Parliament, and a chance to recognise what they have achieved.

The award categories:

  • Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): this award recognises an individual’s or team’s effort to embed EDI into mainstream work; through their approach and undertaking of all tasks, be it day-to-day tasks or larger projects.
  • Ensuring Access and Inclusion: this award is for a team or individual who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring EDI principles are core to their area of work and this is reflected in positive outcomes.
  • Catalyst for Change: an award for a person or a team doing things differently by incorporating EDI values into the way they work resulting in a positive shift in organisational culture
  • Inspiring Role Model: this award is for a person who has taken the opportunity to engage with staff, speaking openly about their personal experiences in a visible forum that encourages and champions diversity and inclusion in a way that new and existing staff can relate to

The ceremony

Award recipients are honoured at a ceremony, with awards presented by Mr Speaker and the Lord Speaker.

The 2016 awards have been kindly supported by the Young Vic Theatre.


The Diversity & Inclusion Awards nominations are open to parliamentary pass-holders only.

Further information

Diversity Monitoring reports:

The Workplace Equality Networks

The four WENs

ParliAble: in support of disabled people in Parliament. It is open to both those who consider themselves to have a disability and those who have an interest in supporting disabled people.

Parliagender: in support for gender equality. Our aim is to achieve gender equality across Parliament.

ParliREACH: in support of increasing awareness and appreciation of race, ethnicity and cultural heritage issues in Parliament.

ParliOUT:  in support of LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, and questioning) people in Parliament