How to hold an exhibition or event in Westminster Hall

This page explains how to book events and exhibitions in Westminster Hall and how members of the public can apply.

Westminster Hall is the entry point to the Parliamentary Estate for the majority of visitors. Occasionally, exhibitions and events are held in the Hall, particularly those which have a strong visitor focus.

Westminster Hall has three Keyholders:

  • the Speaker
  • the Lord Speaker
  • Lord Great Chamberlain (represented by Black Rod)

They make decisions on whether exhibitions or events may be held in Westminster Hall, with advice from the Westminster Hall Advisory Group.

Decisions are based on whether the proposed event or exhibition is:

  • relevant to Parliament
  • appropriate for the status, history and heritage environment of Westminster Hall

The existence of the Keyholders dates from 1965, when the Queen passed control of the Palace of Westminster to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

At that point, control of Westminster Hall was vested jointly in the Lord Great Chamberlain on behalf of Her Majesty, and in the Speaker and Lord Chancellor (then ex officio Speaker of the House of Lords).

Applying to hold an exhibition or event

Further information

If you are interested in holding an exhibition or event for Westminster Hall, please follow this link: applying to hold an exhibition or event in Westminster Hall.

Application form

This page provides information on how applications are dealt with and links to the application form and guidance notes (DOC DOC 99 KB).

Requirements and costs

Parliament will want to be satisfied that the design, quality, construction and content of an exhibition are of the highest quality, that the content is linked to Parliament’s history, work or Members, and that the physical structures meet the heritage requirements of Westminster Hall.

Parliament is not able to support the costs of, or provide staff resources to help with, designing, constructing and striking an event or exhibition.

Parliament may require the use of a consultant to help with planning an exhibition. In this case, the organiser would be required to meet the costs of their time, an estimate of which can be provided.

Liaison and notice required

If an exhibition or event is accepted, an individual will be appointed as a primary contact within Parliament for the organiser. Due to the large number of security and heritage requirements of Westminster Hall, organisers should anticipate frequent contact with this individual in the lead-up to the exhibition or event.

Successful applicants will be required to work closely with Parliament to ensure that these points are covered in advance of the event/exhibition taking place.

Due to the number of factors needing to be taken into account, organisers are urged not to underestimate the amount of work (including liaison with Parliament) that is required for an exhibition or event in Westminster Hall.

For the same reason, considerable lead-in times of approximately six months for events or exhibitions are normally required.

Upper Waiting Hall

Occasionally the Advisory Group may recommend the Upper Waiting Hall for an exhibition in place of Westminster Hall.

To apply to use the Upper Waiting Hall, please contact the Clerk to the House of Commons Administration Committee.