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Youth Select Committee 2016

This body gives young people the opportunity to scrutinise public issues and hold inquiries into topics most relevant to them.

Youth Select Committee 2016

Racism and Religious Discrimination inquiry 2016

The Youth Select Committee inquiry on Racism and Racial Discrimination launched on 11 May, as identified as a priority and voted for by the UK Youth Parliament in the House of Commons in November 2015. Terms of reference are available on the British Youth Council website [external site].

Last year the Youth Select Committee conducted an inquiry focusing on the topic of Mental Health.

The Youth Select Committee is a British Youth Council (BYC) initiative and is supported by the House of Commons. It mirrors the UK Parliament Select Committee structure and gives young people the chance to scrutinise issues and hold inquiries on public matters they find important.

The committee is made up of 11 young people aged 14-18 and includes Members of UK Youth Parliament, Youth Councillors, a Young Mayor, reserved seats and representatives from each of the devolved nations

The Youth Select Committee receives induction training and mentoring from parliamentary Clerks and British Youth Council staff.

The committee are looking at:

Awareness and Education

  • How prevalent do you think racism and religious discrimination are?
  • What role do, and should, the Government and other organisations play in educating and in enabling young people, parents and the wider community to explore racism and religious discrimination?


  • Who currently provides information and support to those who have been victims of racism and religious discrimination? Who should be providing it?
  • Are young people aware of specialised services for victims of racism and religious discrimination?


  • What methods or tools are currently used within and outside the school environment to prevent or deter people from discriminating against others on a racial and religious basis (for example, lessons, workshops, online tools and videos)?

For any inquiry-related questions, please contact the inquiry team on [email protected]. For further information see Parliament news.

Oral evidence sessions

The committee will hear oral evidence from a variety of witnesses on Friday 8 July and Friday 15 July in the House of  Commons.