This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on Europe. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

26.05.2016EU Referendum: analysis of the UK's new EU Settlement
This Commons Library briefing looks at the new Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union agreed at the European Council on 17-19 February 2016. The Settlement consists of seven texts: a Decision and a Statement of Heads of State or Government and five Declarations.
12.05.2016UK cases at the European Court of Human Rights since 1975
This note lists brief details of UK cases at the European Court of Human Rights [ECHR] since 1975.
08.04.2016EU Referendum: the process of leaving the EU
This Commons Library briefing paper looks at some of the issues that are likely to arise for the UK during a withdrawal process and afterwards. A UK vote to leave the EU on 23 June 2016 would trigger an untested procedure for withdrawal. There could be a complex and difficult negotiation lasting two years or more, or the UK could leave without settling its exit terms or its future relationship with the EU.
12.02.2016EU referendum: impact of an EU exit in key UK policy areas
This paper looks at the current situation in a range of policy areas and considers how it might change if the UK left the EU: would UK citizens benefit? This would depend on how the Government filled any policy gaps left by withdrawal.
12.02.2016EU referendum: UK proposals, legal impact of an exit and alternatives to membership
This paper considers the background to the EU referendum, the withdrawal process, various legal and constitutional issues and possible alternatives to EU membership. What might the impact be of a decision to leave the EU? How would the UK leave? Would the UK join a different grouping of states or go it alone? Would EU or UK citizens or businesses have any vested rights?
30.12.2015EU referendum: reform negotiations June to December 2015
This Commons Library briefing paper looks at the Prime Minister's proposed reforms, the launch of the UK reform agenda at the European Council in June 2015 and EU institutional initiatives of relevance to the Government's reform agenda. It also considers the level of support for the UK from other EU Member States, the role - if any - of the devolved administrations in the negotiations, public opinion, the referendum campaigns and other recent developments.
04.12.2015The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
A briefing on the background, negotiation process and controversial points of the proposed EU-US free trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
18.11.2015France and Article 42(7) of the Treaty on the European Union
In response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris France invoked Article 42(7) of the Treaty in the European Union on 17 November 2015. That article obligates all EU Member States to provide France with aid and assistance, although it does not go so far as to confer a security commitment, akin to NATO's Article V. This paper looks briefly at Article 42(7) TEU and the implications for the UK.
16.11.2015"Ever Closer Union" in the EU Treaties and Court of Justice case law
"Ever closer union" is an EU aim and is enshrined in the EU Treaties. David Cameron wanted to exempt the UK from it, and this has been achieved in the new settlement for the UK in the EU. This note looks at the background to 'ever closer union', its survival through several Treaty changes and its use by the EU Court of Justice.
16.11.2015Famagusta debate
The House of Commons is debating a Backbench Business motion on 16 November 2015 that calls for the Cypriot city of Famagusta to be returned by Turkey to its 'lawful inhabitants'.

Lords Library Notes

12.05.2016Queen's Speech 2016 Day 2: Foreign and European Affairs, International Development and Defence
The House of Lords is due to debate the Queen's Speech over four days between 19 and 25 May 2016. This briefing is one of four prepared by the House of Lords Library to cover the themes of each day of debate.
07.01.2014European Union (Referendum) Bill (HL Bill 63 of 2013-14)
European Union (Referendum) Bill (HL Bill 63 of 2013-14)
25.01.2013Debate on 31 January: Prime Minister's Speech on Europe
This Library Note provides a short history of Prime Ministerial speeches on Europe since 1970; outlines Government policy towards Europe since 2010; summarises David Cameron's speech and selected reaction to it; and considers some aspects of the proposed renegotiation and referendum. It concludes with information about trends in public opinion towards Britain's membership of the EU.

Select Committee Reports

21.01.2009Visit to Cyprus.
Foreign Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]

Early Day Motions

That this House notes the heavy defeat of the governing Fianna Fail party in the Irish General Election; further notes the loss of all the seats in the Dail of its junior partner, the ...
That this House expresses its deep concern about the removal of cultural artefacts together with both the misuse of and damage to sacred religious sites situated within the currently ...
That this House recalls the continuous interest of hon. Members on all sides of the House in successive Parliaments in the neglect and dereliction of Varosha, the sealed-off section ...
10.06.2010CYPRUS TALKS
That this House calls on the Government to express full and clear support for the continuation of discussions between the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Demetris Christofias, ...
That this House is concerned by the growing illegal practice of trapping and eating songbirds in Cyprus; notes that thousands of birds migrating in search of warmer climates face being ...


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