Catering Services sustainability and social responsibility


The House of Commons Catering Services (CS) recognises its responsibility to carry out its procurement activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and exhibits leadership and strength in its sustainable procurement initiatives and works closely with nominated suppliers and recognised trade associations to ensure that the broader range of sustainable procurement issues are understood and addressed.

CS is committed to incorporating robust environmental, social, and ethical considerations into its product and service selection processes and will continue to develop sustainability criteria within all of our tender specifications. We encourage our suppliers to minimise negative environmental and social impacts and actively seek out details of efficiency, transport, waste reduction and management, innovation, ethical product sourcing, and social responsibility from all of our partners with the aim of minimising the negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services they provide.

Our key principles are:

  • to source food that meets UK or equivalent standards of production and actively seek out food produced to higher environmental standards;
  • to only purchase seafood from sustainable, well managed sources and continuously audit products against Marine Conservation Society's 'Fish to Eat' ratings;
  • to promote seasonal fresh produce on our menus;
  • to only purchase meat and poultry that meets UK higher welfare farm assured standards;
  • to only purchase free-range fresh eggs and ensure that pasteurised egg products are sourced from systems that do not use conventional cages;
  • to ensure all our tea and coffee is fairly traded;
  • to ensure all our products are fully traceable to source;
  • to ensure our products do not contravene any of the International Labour Organisation conventions regarding working age, hours, pay, conditions or safety.

Read more about how Catering Services operates in a responsible manner. (PDF PDF 682 KB)

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Love British Food

The House of Commons actively champions the producing, buying and eating of British food throughout its Catering Services operation.