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About Parliament's Education Service

Visit our world class Education Centre, participate in free teacher training and download our fun, informative resources.

About Parliament's Education Service

Subsidised school trips to Parliament

Take part in a workshop and tour the Houses of Parliament with a free visit to Parliament’s state of the art Education Centre. Our education team will support pupils to explore the role, processes and history of Parliament and find out how they can engage more actively in their democracy.

Free teacher training

A range of free CPD opportunities are on offer for primary and secondary teachers; including Westminster based CPD sessions, in-school training days and our annual Teacher’s Institute residential programme based in Westminster.

Teaching resources

Our award-winning free resources include videos, downloadable lessons, assemblies, interactive whiteboard resources, loan boxes and publications. Our interactive games are also ideal for use both in the classroom or as homework activities

Let us bring Parliament to you!

Covering themes ranging from debating to voting and elections, Parliament’s Education Outreach team run interactive workshops for students aged 7-18, in schools around the UK.