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How To Win A Marginal Seat

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Code: 9781785900471
During the 2015 general election, the contest in Gavin Barwells constituency of Croydon Central was by any measure one of the most intensive constituency campaigns this country has ever seen. At the end of it Gavin had clung on by the skin of his teeth, and had a story well worth telling. Journalists produce a great deal of commentary on the leaders of our political parties, their campaign strategies and key messages. Elections, however, are won and lost on the pavements of only about 100 so-called marginal constituencies - places like Croydon Central.This book gives an unparalleled insight into what its like to be an MP defending an ultra-marginal seat.
Author: Gavin Barwell
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Biteback
Pub. Date: 17/03/2016
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