Any APPG that is on the Register of APPGs must use the House's bespoke logo for APPGs if it wants to use the crowned portcullis emblem in its publications. Unregistered groups are not allowed to use the bespoke logo.

Parliamentary rules on the use of the APPG logo

The APPG logo is for use on any APPG publications (eg the group’s letterhead, reports, website, and social media accounts such as Twitter).  

No amendment is allowed to the essential components of the logo (ie to the portcullis emblem, ‘appg’ text or black background of the image). The group may, however, make the logo whatever size it wants as long as it maintains the width to height proportions of the original (square) logo, examples of which are available below.

Download the APPG logo 

Should you need further advice on technical aspects of  how to use the APPG logo please contact Print Services in the House of Commons on 020 7219 6208 or email