MyUK game

MyUK game

MyUK is a game that puts students at the centre of British politics with a chance to create a country to call their own.



During this game, students have a fresh 5-year term to lead their government as Prime Minister. They can choose and pass new laws and realise their personal vision of the UK. They have 50 original bills to choose from and, at the end of each year, they are rewarded with the chance to redesign the national flag, currency, or even the look of Number 10 itself.

To personalise the experience, students can create an avatar, appoint their own cabinet and receive feedback about their leadership style.

This playful activity is designed for informal as well as formal learning situations, and it introduces students to the lawmaking process in a fun, engaging way.

Time required: 15 – 30 minutes for a 5 year term

Learning outcomes

MyUK is designed to support the political literacy strands of the curriculum across the UK. Students will learn about:

  • The lawmaking process, from consultation through to Royal Assent
  • The role of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and the Monarch
  • The importance of debating and voting on legislation
  • An introduction to the roles of the prime minister, cabinet, and Parliament
  • Decision-making skills including weighing up different opinions and setting priorities

Practical information

MyUK requires Flash Player 9 or above and Javascript to be enabled.

Students over the age of 13 can login through Facebook to appoint friends to their cabinet and send them updates from the game. They can also post updates to Twitter. For classroom use, or the use of younger students, a Facebook-free version is available.

Students’ progress through the game is automatically saved on their computer or, if they have chosen this option, through Facebook.

Supporting resources

My UK: Facebook-free version

My UK: Facebook-free version

A Facebook-free version of MyUK is available for classroom use

My UK: video trailer

My UK: video trailer

Watch the video trailer for MyUK on YouTube

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