Lawmaking in the House of Lords: the journey of a bill - video


This short film follows a bill as it moves from the Commons into the House of Lords and through each stage to royal assent.

The video can be watched as standalone resource to introduce the role of the House of Lords and how it works with the Commons to pass laws, followed by a classroom discussion.

Alternatively you can extend the activity by viewing an accompanying animation exploring ‘What is the House of Lords?’ and download a resource pack including a Passage of a Bill handout and instructions for a Create a Bill classroom activity here.

Time required: 30 minutes. (activity can be extended to cover up to two lessons by following up with further films and activities)


Learning outcomes

Students must (all):


  • Understand the role of the House of Lords in law making
  • Understand the main stages of a bill on its journey to becoming a law

Should (most):


  • Have expressed their own opinions to others through group discussion

Could (some):


  • Have engaged with and reflected on different ideas, opinions, beliefs and values when exploring the role of the House of Lords in lawmaking

Practical information

Either view the video as a standalone resource followed by a classroom discussion, or follow up with the accompanying ‘How the House of Lords works’ animation.

You can also download a resource pack including worksheets and activities.

Video content update: At 25 seconds the video refers to the 'Long Title' of the Bill being read out.  This only happens for Bills which start in the House of Lords. For those which start in the House of Commons, as depicted, it is the 'Short Title' that is read out in the Chamber.

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