Petitions Committee

Petitions Committee working methods inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Consultation closed, Committee considering responses.


The new Petitions Committee has agreed a provisional set of working methods explaining how it will consider petitions.

The working methods cover the following questions:

  • When will the Committee consider each petition?
  • How will the Committee decide which petitions will be debated?
  • How will the Committee facilitate public engagement in debates? 
  • How will the Committee know whether MPs are interested in debating a petition?
  • When will the Committee refer petitions to select committees?
  • What else will the Committee do with petitions?
  • Will the Committee consider petitions hosted on other e-petitions sites?

The Committee is now opening these proposals for consultation. It will consider the views it receives and publish the results of its consultation, including the responses it receives, in the autumn. 

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