Women and Equalities Committee

Gender pay gap inquiry

Inquiry status: open

Scope of the inquiry

The Women and Equalities Select Committee is holding an inquiry to inform Government strategy on reducing the gender pay gap, focusing on policies aimed at reducing the pay gap for women aged over 40.

This inquiry aims to fill that gap by considering these areas:

  • How adequate are the Government’s proposals for tackling the pay gap faced by women over 40?What additional measures would be most effective in reducing the pay differentials faced by this group?
  • What actions would be most effective in improving recruitment, retention and re-training for women aged over 40?
  • Is there any evidence that women aged over 40 face particular barriers to promotion? If so, what could be done to address this problem?
  • Are there particular difficulties in narrowing the gender pay gap for women working in predominantly female sectors and non-professional roles? Are there any evidence-based measures which could effectively address these issues?
  • Should the regulations on gender pay reporting be extended to organisations with fewer than 250 employees?
  • Would voluntary measures regarding what employers do with gender pay gap information be sufficient to create change within organisations? What could be done to ensure that information about an organisation’s pay gap is translated into action?
  • Which mechanisms would most effectively ensure that policies designed to narrow the gender pay gap are fully complied with? Is there evidence from other countries or policy areas of what might work best?
Terms of reference: Gender pay gap

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