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To mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, Parliament is inviting schools to host a themed assembly during the week of 15 June 2015 to celebrate and reflect on this important document and its legacy today.

Included in this pack is a copy of Magna Carta provided by Salisbury Cathedral as well as a blank poster template to inspire your students to consider the rights and freedoms they would include if they were creating a Magna Carta for today.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Know that 15 June 2015 marks 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta
  • Gain an overview understanding of the story behind Magna Carta
  • Know that there are three clauses of Magna Carta still relevant today
  • Reflect on the significance of Magna Carta in the development of rights and freedoms in the UK
  • Consider what rights they believe are important in the UK today

This resource is part of the 2015 Parliament in the Making programme


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