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Exports and role of UKTI inquiry

Inquiry status: open - accepting written submissions

Accepting written submissions; the deadline is Friday 11 December 2015

Scope of the inquiry

  1. What policies are required to help meet the Government’s headline targets of £1 trillion exports and 100,000 more companies exporting by 2020?
    In particular, what further support should be provided to help SMEs meet their export potential?
  2. Is UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) fit for purpose? Are the indicators used to measure its performance the right ones? How could UKTI be better held to account?
  3. What UKTI activities are most effective at increasing exports? What more could it do?
  4. What more can other bodies, such as the banks and UK Export Finance, do to provide financial assistance to companies seeking to export?
Terms of reference: Exports and role of UKTI inquiry

Latest evidence

  • 02 Feb 2016 - Exports and the role of UKTI - oral evidence | PDF version (PDF301 KB) HC 741 | Published 05 Feb 2016

    Evidence given by Professor Richard Kneller, Professor of Economics and Professor Holger Breinlich, Professor of International Economics, Nottingham University, and David Smith, Economics Editor, Sunday Times; Tim Ambler, Senior Fellow, Adam Smith Institute, Jon Coleman, Chair, British Exporters Association, and Graham Cole, Chair, Cole Commission on Exports (at 10.30am).

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