Afternoon talks in August 2015

Banners exhibition in Westminster Hall
16 July 2015

On weekday afternoons in August, visitors on ticketed tours are welcome to join one of a series of short talks.

Members of the Visitor Services team will be offering the following talks:

  • 'Suffragettes and Parliament' - On Mondays in Westminster Hall and St Stephen's Hall, hear stories about how suffragettes and other campaigners fought for votes for women in the early 20th century.
  • 'The Battle of Waterloo' - On Tuesdays in the Royal Gallery, visit the 'Waterloo, Wellington and Westminster' exhibition and discover more about the battle and the iconic picture by Daniel Maclise.
  • 'St Stephen's Chapel' - On Wednesdays in Westminster Hall and St Stephen's Hall, learn about the original St Stephen's Chapel and its use as a Royal Chapel and former House of Commons Chamber.
  • 'Magna Carta' - On Thursdays, join a guided interpretation of 'The Beginnings of that Freedome' exhibition lining the walls of Westminster Hall.

All talks last 10-15 minutes, will be repeated between 2pm and 4pm subject to availability, and start in Westminster Hall (except 'The Battle of Waterloo').

Ticketed tours are open to visitors from the UK and from overseas. Tour highlights include the Lords Chamber, Commons Chamber, Royal Gallery, St Stephen's Hall and Westminster Hall.

Tours run on Saturdays throughout the year and on most weekdays during parliamentary recesses including 27 July to 4 September and 22 September to 9 October 2015.

Purchase tickets online, by calling +44 (0)20 7219 4114 or in person from the Ticket Office at the front of Portcullis House on Victoria Embankment.

Image: © UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

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