Constitution debate pack

Constitution debate pack

This pack includes prompts for debate, focusing on the different roles and responsibilities in the UK Parliament today and options for a possible future written constitution.

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In this Magna Carta 800 anniversary year, get your students thinking about what a UK written constitution could include.

This pack contains some prompts for debate, focusing on the different roles and responsibilities of the three parts of the UK Parliament today and possible options for the future.

Groups must argue for and against changes to the current system to explore the pros and cons of options that could be considered should a written constitution be produced.

This resource has been produced using ideas first explored by the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, who spent the five year term of the 2010 Parliament looking at the path to possible codification of the United Kingdom’s constitution.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Learn about the idea of a UK written constitution
  • Examine the current system and the three parts of Parliament
  • Form opinions
  • Practice their debating skills
  • Justify their viewpoints
  • Listen to and learn from others
  • Question arguments made by others

Practical information

Three sets of debate prompts are included in this pack - the Head of State, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Depending on the time available, you could hold just one debate, or all three.

You may want to print the pack and hand worksheets out to students. Sheets can be printed individually.


pdf file - 0.99 MB

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