Accessing resources from data.parliament

In data.parliament data is contained in resources and a resource can belong in one or more datasets. An example of this would be that a briefing paper is a resource, and it belongs to the briefing papers dataset. Each resource that is produced by the UK Parliament is given a unique public URI and this […]


How data.parliament provides its API capabilities

data.parliament uses an open source product called ELDA to provide a configurable way to access RDF data using simple RESTful URLs that are translated into queries to a SPARQL endpoint. The majority of Data in data.parliament is exposed as RDF. RDF or the Resource Description Framework is a general framework for how to describe any […]


Welcome to data.parliament – The Blog

data.parliament is a platform that enables the sharing of UK Parliament’s data with consumers both within and outside of Parliament. Designed to complement existing data services it aims to be the central publishing platform and data repository for data that is produced by Parliament. This is our initial ‘alpha’ release. data.parliament provides both a repository […]