Testing data.parliament

Software testing for any application is not the same as the development itself, with more datasets from parliament being migrated to data.parliament by the day it is getting challenging to make sure that it is all fine and dandy as it should be. We use various automated and manual testing techniques for end to end Functional and Non-functional testing of data.parliament.

Into details we have three major building blocks in data.parliament which consists of the Ingest API (Core data.parliament), Admin Interface, ELDA endpoints. The testing tools used in the project consist of SoapUI Pro, Selenium WebDriver, Fiddler and LoadUI.

Core data.parliament (Internal, External) functional testing is fully automated using SoapUI Pro and LoadUI to cover the Non-functional aspects, with Fiddler being used to test any new changes manually if required.

Admin web interface regression testing is automated using Selenium WebDriver (Page object pattern framework), while any new changes are tested manually for the first time and automated subsequently if required.

ELDA Endpoints tests are automated with combination of SoapUI and Selenium WebDriver tests for functional testing and LoadUI being used for Non-functional testing.

Along with all of the above; testing for data.parliament includes making sure that migration of new datasets is seamless and no regression issues are raised in source systems due to integration with data.parliament. The testing for data migration is predominately manual depending on the type of datasets under migration (Applications, Legacy).

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  1. 20th February 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Reply from: David Durant

    Interesting stuff but I’m not sure I agree with:

    > Software testing for any application is not the same as the development itself

    Yes, you probably need a professional QA to think of potential corner cases and security / NFR issues but the majoring of test code should be written to validate user needs – exactly the same as feature code.

    Outside of unit tests are you working with BDD? Is your Product Owner writing your acceptance tests?

    1. 25th February 2015 at 12:33 pm

      Reply from: Zeid Hadi (DDP)

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment, I didn’t mean testing is supposed to be different or independent of development. I meant it involves different set of tools, frameworks and approaches.
      Now coming to BDD, yes we use it and our Business Analysts write acceptance criteria for the user stories.



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