New theme for data.parliament

You may have noticed a new theme for data.parliament. Following internal and external user feedback on how data.parliament should be presented and the team’s experience to date we have decided to iteratively improve the user experience with the first launch today. We will be gathering feedback over the next month to improve as we go along. The driving force around this change came from an understanding that our data is being used by a wide community of users, from journalists to academics and from hobbyist programmers to start-ups. So we are trying to be a little less cluttered, use less jargon and to allow for a more rounded experience not necessarily focusing on developers.

To this end, we will also be launching new front-ends for our ELDA search engine which would greatly simplify open data browsing especially for the casual user, and you will also see that all our websites will start to come together in terms of look and feel in order to give a cohesive presentation.

For those interested, data.parliament uses CKAN. In this release we upgraded our version of CKAN to Bootstrap 3 using extensions to allow us to further enhance the theme in future releases.

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