Electoral systems

National Voter Registration Drive

The National Voter Registration Drive from 1 - 7 February

Lords debates local democracy

Peers discuss regional politics around the UK

Reasoned Opinion on European Parliament electoral reform recommended by Committee

Sub-Committee publishes Subsidiarity Assessment on reform of electoral law of the EU

Commons Private Members’ Bills: 30 October 2015

Debate begins with Hospital Parking Charges (Exemption for Carers) Bill

Votes at 16 for Scotland should have had full parliamentary scrutiny

Constitution Committee publish report into voting rights for under-18s in Scottish elections

More electoral systems

Title Date
Youth Select Committee evidence sessions: lowering voting age to 16 01.07.2014
Committee continues evidence on Voter engagement in the UK 20.03.2014
Justice Secretary gives evidence on draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill 20.11.2013
Lords private members' bills 25.10.2013
Chief Inspector of Prisons and Nacro give evidence on prisoner voting 16.10.2013
Debate on reducing the voting age to 16 24.01.2013