2015 Flag Project resources

2015 Flag Project resources

Create a flag design with your school and add to a childs-eye view of the UK for our special exhibition.

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In 2015, Parliament is celebrating two historic anniversaries that signify the beginning of a journey towards rights and representation in the UK; 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta and 750 years since Simon de Montfort’s 1265 Parliament. A special programme, called ‘2015: Parliament in the Making', commemorates this important year for Parliament.

As part of this year of celebration and reflection, the 2015 Flag Project is a unique way for primary schools (students aged 7-11) to mark the Montfort Parliament anniversary. It was at this 1265 Parliament that elected representatives of the shires and Burgesses came together for the first time, paving the way for the House of Commons we know today.

The 2015 Flag Project aims to inspire young people to consider this long history of representation and how they would represent their area or community today, by designing a flag to represent their constituency.

You can explore the hundreds of flags submitted so far on the special digital exhibition and upload your own

A downloadable toolkit and a video workshop are available to support your participation in this special project.

Flags will be accepted until December 2015

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