Civil liberties and personal freedoms - discussion activity

Civil liberties and personal freedoms - discussion activity

A set of downloadable discussion cards to help your key stage 5 students explore contemporary debates about civil liberties and freedoms.

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Which of your details should be kept private and which should be available to public authorities? How much is it acceptable to restrict individual freedom to protect society as a whole? And what has changed in recent years, particularly after the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012?

Explore these issues with your students using this classroom resource to structure discussion in small groups or the class as a whole.

Time required: 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

Students will:


  • Examine what information about their lives is private to them and what is shared
  • Explore tensions between individual freedom and public security
  • Consider areas of recent debate, including regulation of CCTV cameras, retention of DNA data by the police, use of biometric data, and stop and search measures
  • Find out about recent legislation in this area and develop interest in current affairs
  • Consider a range of viewpoints on a complex issue and present their own point of view
  • Improve their verbal communication skills and contribute to group discussions

Practical information

This resource contains a series of discussion cards which can be printed and cut up to distribute to students. They are accompanied by suggested activities using the cards.

The resource also contains a brief overview of some of the issues covered by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, to spark debate.

pdf file - 408 KB

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