Lords examines Scotland Bill

20 January 2016

The Scotland Bill continued committee stage, the chance for line by line scrutiny, in the Lords on Tuesday 19 January.

Members of the Lords discussed subjects including parking regulations, the policing of railways and railway property, the setting of electricity feed-in tariffs, and the borrowing powers of Scottish ministers.

A third day of committee stage is yet to be scheduled.

Committee stage: Tuesday 8 December

Members of the Lords discussed whether the Scottish Parliament should be made permanent in UK legislation. They asked if there should be a second chamber, or Scottish senate, created in the Scottish Parliament, and discussed levels of transparency and information sharing between Scottish and UK institutions.

Additional committee stage dates, when further changes will be discussed, are yet to be scheduled.

Second reading: Tuesday 24 November

Members of the Lords discussed the key measures outlined in the bill, including taking forward the Smith agreement that the permanence of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish government be set out in UK legislation, and giving the Scottish Parliament control over other areas, including rates and bands of income tax and welfare provision.

An amendment was proposed to delay progress of the bill until the fiscal framework currently being negotiated by the Scottish and UK governments is available for scrutiny alongside the bill. This amendment was withdrawn, but members expressed concern that the fiscal framework may be delayed.

Scotland Bill summary

The bill will amend the Scotland Act 1998, and define powers and responsibilities of Scottish ministers.

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