Lords private members' bills

11 December 2015

The House of Lords will consider four private members' bills on Friday 11 December. The bills cover accessibility to sports grounds, online safety, the constitution and arbitration and mediation services.

A private member's bill is a type of public bill (which affects the public). Private members' bills must go through the same set of procedures as other public bills.

Accessible Sports Grounds Bill

A bill to define laws around the greater accessibility of sports grounds.

Find out more about the Accessible Sports Grounds Bill

Online Safety Bill

A bill to promote online safety:

  • to require internet service providers and mobile phone operators to provide an internet service that excludes adult content
  • to require electronic device manufacturers to provide a means of filtering internet content
  • to make provision for parents to be educated about online safety
  • for the regulation of harmful material through on-demand programme services.

Find out more about the Online Safety Bill

Constitutional Convention Bill

The Bill seeks to establish a convention to consider the constitution of the UK.

Find out more about the Constitutional Convention Bill

Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill

A bill to define laws around arbitration and mediation services and the application of equality legislation to these services, including the protection of victims of domestic abuse.

Find out more about the Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill

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