Secretary of State gives evidence on Human Rights Act repeal

EU Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 2 February at 11.00am

Union and devolution inquiry hears evidence in Cardiff

Constitution Committee meets Welsh Ministers during visit to the National Assembly for Wales

Lord Strathclyde questioned on the Strathclyde Review

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee examines the Strathclyde Review

Constitution Reform Group gives evidence on the Union and devolution

Constitution Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 13 January at 10.15am

Statement on Strathclyde Review: 17 December 2015

Statement made by Leader of the House of Commons in the Commons

More constitution

Title Date
Lords private members' bills 11.12.2015
The Union and devolution inquiry takes evidence in Edinburgh 09.12.2015
Lord Chancellor gives annual evidence to Constitution committee 30.11.2015
Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry 24.11.2015
Scotland Bill proposals risk compromising parliamentary sovereignty 23.11.2015
English Votes for English Laws and the Future of the Union 09.11.2015